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Amiga 500 PC Keyboard Interface

The PS/2 Keyboard adapter, requires no soldering or software to work, it just pushes onto the keyboard connector pins of the A500 or A500 Plus and provides a standard PS/2 PC keyboard socket

Ideal if you need an external keyboard on your Commodore Amiga or if you have installed your Amiga motherboard into a desktop or tower style case

Its recommended to use a keyboard with TWO windows keys, this then allows the Amiga soft reset combination to be used by holding down CTRL + Left Windows + Right Windows

For Amiga users who want to install there mainboard into a desktop PC style case we now offer an internal PS/2 keyboard adapter

Fully compatible with the popular Checkmate cases like the 1500

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AMX Mouse Adapter – Using Modern Mice on Vintage Computers

One of the first widespread computer mice aimed at the home computer market in the UK in 1985 was the AMX Mouse by Advanced Memory Systems

The mouse features 3 buttons and used mechanical rolling ball and optical sensors, available for Amstrad, Sinclair Spectrum and the Acorn BBC Micro these mice used an interface, the BBC Micro version used the 20 pin “user port” and also requires the AMX rom chip to be installed.

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Copy floppy disk from ANY computer with your PC (USB Flux Hardware)

USB flux hardware can allow any modern PC to read and write back ANY floppy disk drive regardless of protection or format, these devices can also be used to write back download disk images in a multitude of disk image formats such as adf. ipf, hfe  and scp

These devices ignore the disk formatting structure of the specific system eg Amiga or Atari ST and read the raw magnetic flux data from the disk

This means that all data is captured along with the protection See Image below it shows a representation of the flux data from an Amiga  game – captured from a 3.5″ Double Density Floppy Disk game