Amiga ScrollWheel Mouse Interface



Commodore Amiga ScrollWheel PS/2 Mouse Interface

Ideal for Amiga users who need scroll wheel support or don’t want to keep swapping joysticks, both joysticks can be left connect and still use a mouse, Compatible with A500 – A500 Plus – A1200

***PLEASE NOTE the Mouse used MUST be PS/2 or a USB mouse that has PS/2 communications mode*** – Non PS/2 compatible mouse will not work, if you require a compatible mouse with the adapter we also sell this interface with a compatible optical scroll wheel mouse included

ScrollWheel support needs Kickstart 2 or above and driver software, Download links below

ScrollWheel Drivers (2 options available – only install 1 Driver)

FreeWheel is also required, it’s a utility to pass scroll wheel movement to applications or workbench