Greaseweazle Floppy Drive Copier Flux Imager Disk Clone Kit – Backup Any Floppy


Greaseweazle compatible USB Flux Copier drive, allows read and writing of 3.5 floppy disks using a standard PC or Laptop


This Greaseweazle compatible drive kit has all the parts you need to clone, read and write any 3.5″ floppy disk including protected or non standard formats

The drive is very compact and uses a custom PCB controller that connects directly onto the floppy drive and provide power, you only need to connect the USB cable to a PC or Laptop running Windows

The Kit contains a full tested floppy drive + controller with 3D printed cover and a high speed usb data cable and 3 blank double density floppy disks to get started

The driveĀ  can write many disk image formats including .adf .ipf .scp .hfe .dsk .img + many more

The drive can also allow real disks to be used with Amiga emulators like WinUAE and Amiberry using the floppy bridge plugin by Rob Smith

Link below includes a guide on using the software with a simple menu driven GUI and download links