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Backup Copy Protected Amiga Disks

Some amiga disks are protected against copying by using a special non standard disk format that can not be copied using standard disk copy software

Some very basic protection can be copied using copiers that have a Nibble mode, such as X Copy , Tetra Copy, Nib , Burstnibbler

During the 1990’s various companies sold copy software that could backup some protections using disk to disk copying that made an analogue type copy of the disk data products such as Cyclone, Synchro Express and Blitz used this method.

A modern way of reading and writing any disk is to use a USB hardware board to directly control a floppy drive to make a direct copy of the magnetic flux data, one of the most popular and regularly updated tools is the Greaseweazle drive controller by Keir Fraser

The hardware can be easily controlled from a windows PC to read or write disk images for a multitude of different disk formats for different systems