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amiga joystick pinout

Amiga Joystick Pinout

Amiga 9 pin D Sub Mouse and Joystick Port pinout

  • Pin 1  = Up (Also acts as mouse direction)
  • Pin 2 = Down (Also acts as mouse direction)
  • Pin 3 = Left (Also acts as mouse direction)
  • Pin 4 = Right (Also acts as mouse direction)
  • Pin 5  = Not Connected on Joysticks (Middle Mouse Button)
  • Pin 6 = Fire Button 1 (Acts as mouse button)
  • Pin 7 = 5 Volts DC- Power Supply from computer
  • Pin 8 = Ground
  • Pin 9 = Fire Button 2 (Acts as mouse button)

All Commodore Amiga computers have two 9 pin D-SUB type connectors with male pins, Port 1 is usually used for connecting a mice, but for two player gaming the mouse can be unplugged and two joysticks or other game controllers can be connected at the same time.

The controller needs to be compatible with the Atari standard such as Competition Pro, ZipStick, QuickShot, Atari, Cheetah etc are compatible

For two player games with two controllers you will have to unplug the mouse, unless you use a joystick switcher box like the once shown below

Amiga mouse adapters are now available than allow standard USB mice to be used with the amiga 9 pin mouse port, below if a mouse upgrade kit that includes a modern optical mouse and an adapter