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Create Amiga Disks with FluxEngine on Windows or Mac

With FluxEngine software  you can read, write and access files directly on Commodore Amiga floppy disks and is compatible with the Trumouse Greaseweazle drive kit

First download the latest version of FluxEngine from the website below, there are Windows and Apple Mac Versions

When intstalled and run you will see the main Fluxengine menu screen shown above


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Copy floppy disk from ANY computer with your PC (USB Flux Hardware)

USB flux hardware can allow any modern PC to read and write back ANY floppy disk drive regardless of protection or format, these devices can also be used to write back download disk images in a multitude of disk image formats such as adf. ipf, hfe  and scp

These devices ignore the disk formatting structure of the specific system eg Amiga or Atari ST and read the raw magnetic flux data from the disk

This means that all data is captured along with the protection See Image below it shows a representation of the flux data from an Amiga  game – captured from a 3.5″ Double Density Floppy Disk game