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3.5″ floppy disk cleaning kit

How to clean a floppy disk drive, the easy way

Floppy cleaning disks for any 3.5″ floppy drive are now available, our cleaning disks can be used wet (with isopropyl alcohol) or dry and can clean the read write heads, recommended if you are using old floppies that have deteriorated with age

The cleaning disks are supplied on there own, if you want to use them wet just use 2 drops of 100% isopropyl alcohol to the white inner disk material, this can be purchased online or from a chemists shop in the UK, it is flammable so please read the warning label and take care when using it.

FREE Floppy Disk Cleaning software for Amiga, Atari ST and PC

Not required but you can download these free disk cleaning utilities that move the heads over the cleaning disk to ensure a thorough clean of the read/write heads

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adb to usb adapter

ADB to USB Adapter

The TruMouse adb adapter allows you to connect an apple adb Mouse or apple adb keyboard to a a standard usb keyboard for PC, Notebook, Raspberry pi or mini pc etc

Adapter has a custom 3D printed case and has a standard USB connector and provides a 4 pin socket at the back to connect either a keyboard or mouse

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Macintosh Mouse – USB Mouse Adapter for classic Mac – Apple Macintosh Computers

For users of the original Apple Macintosh the original  9 pin Apple M0100 mice are becoming increasingly difficult to find in good working order, even if you can find one in working condition at a sensible price you still have to regularly clean the mechanical ball and rollers that will eventually collect dirt and effect performance. You can now solve this problem with a USB mouse adapter for your classic Mac.

                                           TruMouse VMac USB Mouse Adapter


A simple solution is to use a standard USB mouse with your classic Macintosh with a TruMouse VMac USB mouse adapter

Compatible with the majority of wired USB mice on your classic Macintosh, True USB HID interface – no software or drivers  needed, just plug in and use

The TruMouse Mac adapter is compatible with ALL vintage Macintosh Mac computers that used the 9 Pin Mouse Connector such as Macintosh 128k, Macintosh 512k and Mac Plus

The left mouse button will be mapped to a single mouse button, the adapter supports the majority of USB optical mice and some even some wireless USB models!

Wireless USB Mice on a vintage Apple Macintosh?

Yes the TruMouse MAC adapter is also compatible with wireless Logitech mice that use the Unifying USB receiver and most Philip’s branded Wireless Mice