Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Logitech Wireless Mouse on my Amiga or ST ?

Yes, Logitech Mice in the list below and all current models that use the Unifying USB adapter are compatible with TruMouse Adapter

Compatible Logitech Wireless Mice for Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and Acorn Archimedes

  • ALL MX Master Series Mice
  • All Logitech Mice that use the USB Unifying Receiver
  • M170
  • M330
  • M705
  • Anywhere Mouse MX
  • Couch Mouse M515
  • Marathon Mouse M705
  • Performance Mouse MX
  • Touch Mouse M600
  • Touch Mouse T620
  • Wireless Mini Mouse M187
  • Wireless Mouse M185
  • Wireless Mouse M215
  • Wireless Mouse M217
  • Wireless Mouse M225
  • Wireless Mouse M310
  • Wireless Mouse M315
  • Wireless Mouse M317
  • Wireless Mouse M325
  • Wireless Mouse M505
  • Wireless Mouse M510
  • Wireless Mouse M525
  • Wireless Mouse M560
  • Zone Touch Mouse T400
TruMouse Amiga USB Mouse Adapter, Atari ST Version also available

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Acorn Archimedes Mouse

Yes there is a TruMouse adapter that plugs into Acorn Archimedes computers that use the round 9 pin socket, this connector is found on the computer itself or on desktop models at the back of the keyboard

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What are the Dimensions of the the TruMouse ?

TruMouse is one of the smallest adapters available and is only 30mm Long and 20mm wide, including the DB9 connector and it will not block joystick ports like some larger adapters can

It wont block the port on the Amiga 600 and when installed in an Atari STE or  STFM there is plenty of room to connect a joystick in the socket next to it

TruMouse (Amiga and Atari ST Version) USB Mouse Adapter  Next to an AA Battery for scale

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What mice are compatible with the TruMouse ?

The vast majority of PC wired USB mice work with the TruMouse adapter

Some high end gaming mice that draw a lot of current or have very high dpi sensors may not work because the Amiga’s mouse port is limited to a current draw of 150 Milliamps

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Can I use a wireless mouse on my Amiga / Atari ST

TruMouse is compatible with a number of Logitech wireless models, including ALL models that use the unifying USB receiver and the Philips M200 mouse

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Can TruMouse fix the right click problem?

TruMouse solves the right click problem that some Amiga 1200 models have and is compatible with ALL models of Amiga and the CD32 Console

A1000, A500, A500 Plus, A600, A1200, A2000, A1500, A3000, A3000 and CD32 – all tested and are fully compatible

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What computers is TruMouse compatible with?

The TruMouse adapter is available for Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, and the Acorn Archimedes

There is also an AMX version available for computers that already have an AMX 20 pin interface

The AMX interface was released for Sinclair Spectrum and  Amstrad CPC computers, the BBC Micro used the 20 pin user port but also requires AMX rom chips to be installed to make the mouse work

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