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amiga mouse adapter

Amiga Mouse Adapter

An amiga mouse adapter converts the position and mouse button signals from a standard mouse into a form that amiga computers can use

Modern adapters use USB and allow most PC mice to be used with Amiga computers, the adapter allows mice to plug into a USB socket and also has a 9 pin D plug that connects into the amiga Mouse port (joystick port 1) on the Amiga, all amiga computer model’s use the same 9 pin D connector

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amiga mouse adapter

Amiga Mouse Adapter

An Amiga mouse adapter is a device that allows you to connect a standard PC mouse to an Amiga computer. This allows you to use the same mouse you use on your modern computer with your vintage Amiga, making it much easier to navigate and use the system.

The classic Amiga tank mouse has a unique and classic design but is not very ergonomic or comfortable in the hand for modern day use, the mouse also uses a mechanical ball to track movement and these need to be cleaned regularly – modern optical sensors work on the majority of surfaces and require little or no maintenance.

This is where the Amiga mouse adapter comes in. The adapter allows you to connect a standard PC mouse to your Amiga computer, so you can use the same mouse you use on your modern computer with your vintage Amiga. This makes it much easier to navigate and use the system, especially for those who are used to using a two-button mouse.

The Amiga mouse adapter is a simple device that is easy to use. Simply plug the adapter into the Amiga’s mouse port, and then connect your PC mouse to the adapter. Once connected, your PC mouse will work just like the Amiga mouse, with the added benefit of being able to use the standard two-button layout.

There are many different types of Amiga mouse adapters available on the market, the TruMouse amiga mouse adapter is compatible with the vast majority of wired PC mice and even works with most wireless mice from Logitech and Philips.

Overall, an Amiga mouse adapter is a great way to make your vintage Amiga computer more user-friendly. With the ability to connect a standard PC mouse, you can easily navigate and use your Amiga, making it a more enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a retro gaming enthusiast playing Lemmings or just using Workbench and applications, an Amiga mouse adapter is a must-have accessory for any Amiga computer owner.

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Amiga Mouse Adapter


Mouse adapter’s for the commodore Amiga have been available for some time, the first adapters usually used a Microcontroller that did not contain a USB interface and relied on the mouse being PS/2 mode, many shapes and sizes of adapter were available some were very large and stuck out of the rear of the socket due to using through hole components requiring  a long circuit board.

The latest mouse adapters such as TruMouse were designed to be as small as possible and offer a high compatibility with most USB mice and even some wireless models from philips and Logitech

The TruMouse got its name as it’s a True USB adapter the dimension are just 30mm in Length and only 20mm Wide, its really tiny and fits ALL Amiga Models including the tightly spaced ports on the Amiga 600

              TruMouse Amiga USB Mouse Adapter


The TruMouse adapter is heat-shrinked to protect against static, various colour options are available, the image above shows the adapter with transparent shrink. The adapter is compatible with ALL Models of Commodore Amiga and the Amiga CD32 Console.

The TruMouse does not need any drivers or software and works when plugged in like any standard Amiga mouse, its supports 3 mouse button left click, right click and middle mouse button, this is the scroll wheel button on most PC mice

Wireless Mice on the Amiga ?

TruMouse supports most Logitech and the Philips M200 Series wireless usb mice from covering a range of budgets, starting at the Logitech M170 right up to the MX Master series

Checkout the Demonstration Video of the TruMouse Mouse Adapter from the Amiga Retro Cast on YouTube Channel

The TruMouse adapter is also available for ALL models of the Atari ST and Falcon 030