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Commodore Amiga SCART TV Adapter a high quality RGB image without a Monitor !

There is an abundance of pre-owned SCART TV’s available in the UK and Europe and these can be a great alternative to expensive and hard to find original computer monitors from Commodore or Philips

The TruMouse SCART adapter connects directly into the back of all commodore Amiga computers and converts the video port into a native RGB scart output

The adapter also features an 3.5mm Stereo Audio Input socket so a simple Phono/RCA to Jack lead can be used to send the Amiga sound through the scart if you don’t have external speakers

The adapter has an auto-switch feature and supported TV’s will automatically switch over to the SCART AV Channel when the amiga is powered on

Having an adapter instead of a lead with a set length also means that any length of SCART cable can be chosen for your specific needs

The adapter is compatible with the vintage CRT TV’s and LCD or LED modern Scart TV’s

Here is some photo’s of the monitor screen taken with a camera showing the output from an Amiga 500 running Lemmings by DMA Design

Example Image’s taken of  a 22 inch JVC LCD TV