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Macintosh Mouse – USB Mouse Adapter for classic Mac – Apple Macintosh Computers

For users of the original Apple Macintosh the originalĀ  9 pin Apple M0100 mice are becoming increasingly difficult to find in good working order, even if you can find one in working condition at a sensible price you still have to regularly clean the mechanical ball and rollers that will eventually collect dirt and effect performance. You can now solve this problem with a USB mouse adapter for your classic Mac.

Original Apple Macintosh M0100 Mouse
TruMouse USB Mouse Adapter
TruMouse USB Mouse Adapter

A simple solution is to use a standard USB mouse with your classic Macintosh with a TruMouse Mac USB mouse adapter, the adapter is very compact and less than 3cm in length and provides a single USB mouse socket at the rear of your Mac

Compatible with the majority of wired USB mice on your classic Macintosh, True USB HID interface – no software or driversĀ  needed, just plug in and use

The TruMouse Mac adapter is compatible with ALL vintage Macintosh Mac computers that used the DE9 – 9 Pin Mouse Connector such as Mac 128k, Mac 512k and Mac Plus

The left mouse button will be mapped to a single mouse button, the adapter supports the majority of USB optical mice and some even some wireless USB models!

Wireless USB Mice on a vintage Apple Macintosh?

Yes the TruMouse MAC adapter is also compatible with wireless Logitech mice that use the Unifying USB receiver and most Philip’s branded Wireless Mice

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