TruMOUSE Atari ST USB Mouse Adapter


True USB Mouse adapter for the Atari ST, compatible with the vast majority of PC MICE, just plug in and use a modern mouse with your ST, very compact size allows plenty of room for a joystick even on the STFM and STE underside sockets

Adapter is supplied with a clear Polyolefin heat shrink covering, please contact us if you prefer white, grey or no heat-shrink on your adapter

Works with all models of ST and the Falcon ST, STF, STFM, STE, TT, Mega

Wireless Mice

The Logitech M170, M330 and all Logitech Mice that use the unifying USB receiver are compatible eg MX Master Series + Philips M200


Plenty of space for a Joystick next to the TruMouse in the connector well on the underside of STFM & STE Models