ArcMouse USB – Acorn Archimedes USB HID Mouse Adapter



ArcMouse USB Mouse interface is a super compact adapter that allows standard PC USB mice to be connected to all Archimedes models that use a mini 9 pin round socket and either plugs into the computer or  the keyboard (Depending on Archimedes Model)

Compatible with the majority of wired PC mice and selected Wireless Models by Logitech, Philips +  Logitech mice that use the Unifying Receiver & MX Series, M220, M330, M590

Plug in and use, no drivers required – works as a standard 3 button mice the scroll wheel button acts as middle mouse button

***NOTE for the Archimedes A3000 we recommend using a Wireless mouse with a small USB receiver as there is very little space in the connector area on the underside of this computer, Logitech wireless mice that use the Unifying USB receiver would work well with the Acorn Archimedes A3000